Cute right!!!

I have this amazing idea!!  It's still in the idea and planning stages...but I have BIG ideas!!

We are finishing our basement, so 2 of our boys can move down there.  We are going to need new furniture down there! 

So I decided that I'm going to try to make it myself!

Yep!  I know it's a big project, but I'm always up for a challenge!
So what I'm thinking is....

I'm going to use a standard size door for my coffee table...

A smaller, more narrow door for a sofa table....

Then either 2 square, wooden window frames, or a standard door cut down to size, for some end tables!

Doesn't it sound cute!!  I'm husband is not!

He will thank me when I've saved hundreds of dollars on furniture!  haha


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    April 2013