So...a couple weeks ago...we had the pleasure of having this cool critter in our clinic!'s a camel...and baby!!

This is my awesome hubby, working on them!

It's kinda blurry I was on the other side of the window...the cow (mother camel) was not a happy camper...and the less distractions the better for her.

Isn't the baby cute!

He kept trying to 'play' with my hubby....

He would run up to him and paw at him with his front legs...

Then he would do this really uncoordinated leap/dance and try to get his attention that way!

Look at his cute curly hair!

He was so soft!

And so clingy!!   I couldn't get a good shot of him because he kept sticking his nose into my phone!

See!!  He wanted to kiss me I guess!!

"Been farmin' long?"
See any resemblance here?  Hahah...

Made me smile...

Just another the vet clinic!


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